INGateway Module

INGateway is a web-based Middleware Payment Gateway solution that is capable of supporting the Straight Through Processing (STP) of all types of Payment transactions.

New Rentas STP (RBG)

Rentas Straight-Through-Processing (STP) Interface is a Bank Negara Malaysia initiative to enable the transfer of online transactions from the RENTAS RBG system to the bank’s host system.

Objective: To eliminate double entry at Financial Institutions and streamline the operation process (operational efficiency).

INGateway RENTAS STP is a ready product to ease the Financial Institutions’ interface development to RENTAS STP.

IBG & Jompay

IBG & Jompay payment module enables fund transfer from bank’s host system to BNM PaySwitch client.

With its built-in ETL engine, INGateway IBG can integrate to various original bank hosts. Outward Transactions: extract and consolidate from various hosts into a single payment NACHA file and transferred to PaySwitch client for each window.

Inward Transaction: Extract from third party bank’s inward NACHA file and straight through to the bank’s host system for crediting process.

Jompay Transactions: System will perform online BVM validation by connecting to BNM online services.


The SWIFT Straight-Through-Processing (STP) Interface allows foreign currency transactions to be transferred online between the bank’s host system and SWIFT Alliance system.

Objective: To eliminate double entry at Financial Institutions and streamline operation process (operational efficiency).


Streamline and automate the MEPS IBFT Fund Transfer process to achieve optimum operational efficiency.

Objective: To connect the bank with MEPS Interbank Funds Transfer (“IBFT”) Shared ATM network for funds transfer through ATM, over the counter, and internet banking.


DCHEQS B2B gateway serves as a centralized access-point of information related to BNM Dishonored Cheque Information System (DCHEQS).

It can integrate with bank host or data warehouse to extract all required data for issuance submission.


The RENTAS SWIFT ISO 20022 module capable to cater co-existence of MT 15022/MT and ISO 20022/MX messages. It is able to map all ISO 15022/MT to ISO 20022/MX messages and vice-versa to RENTAS Host.

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