INCHEQS is an Image-Ready Cheque Clearing System that takes a full average of Cheque Truncation capabilities.



INCHEQS ICS (Inward Clearing System) covers the Inward Clearing and Outward Return legs of the Cheque Clearing Process.

INCHEQS ICS allows for processing, managing, and administering inward and outward returned Cheques. It is capable of supporting the integration of the Signature Verification System, which allow the cheque to be verified side by side with the customer signature specimens and signing conditions.


INCHEQS OCS (Outward Clearing System) covers the Outward Clearing and Inward Return legs of the Cheque Clearing Process.

INCHEQS OCS allows processing, managing, and administering outward and inward returned Cheques. It is designed in compliance with the Central Bank’s Cheque Truncation standards and supports newer document processors such as cheque scanners and cheque deposit machines. It is also capable of integrating with the Bank to allow Cheque Deposited via Bank Mobile Apps to flow into INCHEQS OCS for the clearing process.

INCHEQS Mobile Capturing Module

INCHEQS Mobile Capturing

INCHEQS Mobile Capturing serves as a remote capturing tool, which brings convenience to the Bank’s customers to deposit cheques without travelling to the Bank anymore. Instead of going through the process of a customer depositing the cheque to the Bank, the Bank uses a shoebox scanner for cheque image capturing. Customers can now make use of mobile phones to capture the image of cheques by taking photographs of the Front and Back sides of the Cheque with a Mobile App. The Mobile App will transfer the cheque images and the amount of information entered by the customer to the INCHEQS OCS for the clearing process.


INCHEQS CTS (Cheque Truncation System) cater for the complete end to end Cheque Truncation Process, which facilitates the 4 legs of Cheque Clearing Cycles, including Outward Clearing, Inward Clearing, Outward Return, to Inward Return.

3 major key components of INCHEQS CTS including Bank Portal, Cloud Based Outward Clearing System and Cloud Based Inward Clearing System. The full solution allows presenting member banks to scan, process submit the outward cheque and paying banks to provide disposal decisions on their own bank cheques. Other functionalities include Net Settlement for the cheque-clearing process, PKI Authentication, Bank Administration and Cheque Data Archival.



INCHEQS SDS (Signature Database System) server as center storage repository for all the digital forms of customer signatures for all Bank account types. It is a web-based solution that enables the user to use the TWAIN compliance scanner to capture the customer signature from the signature card and save it into the Signature Database System (SDS).

INCHEQS SDS supports integration with multiple brands of signature pad devices.

INCHEQS SDS is capable of integrating with the Bank Host System by synchronizing the signature images back to the Bank host periodically so that it can be shared on signature viewing on other host applications if required.

It can also be integrated with Bank Cheque Clearing System. INCHEQS SDS is integrated with INCHEQS ICS for the Signature Verification screen, and INCHEQS ICS Signature Verification can be done at the same time as Technical verification, where the signature and board resolutions are extracted and placed next to the cheque image and Inward Clearing data for eyeball verification to improve INCHEQS ICS user productivity during verification.


INCHEQS PPS (Positive Pay System) runs on the same platform as the ICS and shares the same database and .NET framework. It can scan cheque images for Payee name, MICR code, Date of Cheque, courtesy amount, and legal amount using Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) engine to facilitate the positive pay in inward clearing.



INCHEQS ATV/ASV (Auto Technical Verification/Auto Signature Verification) covers the end-to-end Inward Clearing process. It will replace the existing human manual process and eye verification. ATV/ASV process will also include Intelligent Character Recognition and Signature Verification, which will replace the human element in the verifying process, which will ultimately reduce errors and increase productivity. Other than that, having an automated process would also mean that there will no longer be a need for a data repairing process, as the system will automatically correct an invalid account, invalid amount, and invalid Cheque number. If errors are found along the verification process, an SMS notification will be sent to the user to alert them of the error. Moreover, with the automated process it will definitely reduce the workload of the verifier and will also generate a timelier Cheque verification process.

The system can handle positive pay items (cashier’s order, demand draft and Bankers’ Acceptance).

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