Banking and Financial Solutions Provider

InsiteMY is a solution provider that specialises in developing innovative software solutions for the Banking & Finance industry in Malaysia.

InsiteMY is now part of AsiaFIN Holdings Corp.


Lead in innovative software solutions for the Malaysian financial services industry.

We strive to research and develop innovative products and services for the banking and financial services industry that assist in reducing cost, streamlining operating processes, managing risk, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and enhancing client servicing while providing enhanced systems security and data integrity.



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INArk is a solution that offers a seamless customer onboarding experience
improvement, digital onboarding, electronic signature capturing and document storing via INArk Mobile, INArk eKYC and INArk SDS as one solution.

INArk Modules:
INArk Mobile – solution for customer identity verification remotely and safely.
INArk eKYC – solution for a seamless customer onboarding experience improvement and digital onboarding process at the bank.
INArk SDS – solution for a master center repository to store signatures and documents. It is capable of storing millions of signatures without performance issues.

With its ability to integrate with new types of services and STP integration processes for future growth, organizations can benefit from INArk due to its extensible and future-proof nature. The same platform can be extended to add-ons with new digital onboarding products and services. Hence, this solution provides organizations with the ability to leverage on a single infrastructure investment which allows better cost savings on software licensing.



INReport is a centralized end-to-end RegTech solution of Regulatory Reporting that assists the business user in managing all the regulatory report preparation and automating report submission in one place to Regulatory Bodies such as BNM, MDIC, RMCD and IRBM.

INReport covers the following Regulatory Reporting requirements :

• Central Bank Statistics Reporting
• Deposit Insurance Corporation (MDIC) Reporting
• Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods & Services Tax (GST) Reporting
• Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
• Common Reporting Standard (CRS) Reporting
• Transaction Reconciliation







INCHEQS is an Image-Ready Cheque Clearing System that takes a full average of Cheque Truncation capabilities. INCHEQS is entirely web-based and can be deployed over multiple branches, allowing for cost-effectiveness, ease of deployment, training and flexible workflow. This solution covers the Cheque Truncation System end-to-end process.

• INCHEQS Inward Clearing System (ICS)
• INCHEQS Outward Clearing System (OCS)
• INCHEQS Cheque Truncation System (CTS)



INGateway is a Middleware Payment Gateway solution. An Extract, Transform and Load tool (ETL) used in:

• New Rentas STP (RBG)