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InsiteMY is a leader in innovative software solutions for the Malaysian financial services industry. Our applications are used in major Malaysian and foreign banks, as well as banks in Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. We strive to research and develop innovative products and services for the banking and financial services industry that assists in reducing cost, streamline operating processes, manage risk, ensure compliance to regulatory requirements, and enhance client servicing, all the while providing for enhanced systems security and data integrity.

Our Services

IT Consulting

Project Management

IT / System Planning

System Implementation Application

Business Consulting

Banking Operation

Cheques Clearing Consultancy

Credits and Loan Originations

Software & System Developing

Software development lifecycle & methodology

Development platform include:

– Microsoft Development technology

– Java J2EE & J2ME Development Technology

Our Products


The INCHEQS Image-Ready Cheque Clearing System caters for the entire 4 legs of the cheque clearing processes – Outward Clearing, Inward Return, Inward Clearing, and Outward Return.
We have divided our INCHEQS offering into two distinct product offerings:

  • INCHEQS Inward Clearing System (ICS)
  • INCHEQS Outward Clearing System (OCS)

INGateway is a Middleware Payment Gateway solution. An Extract, Transform and Load tool (ETL) used in:

  • RENTAS-STP (Straight Through Processing)

INReport is a middleware to interface with Source Systems, where it can extract data from Source Systems, massage, and merge with required business rules and reporting logic, and transform it into the desired file format.

  • INReport ISS (Integrated Statistical System)
  • INReport ESS (External Sector Statistics)
  • INReport GST (Goods & Services Tax)
  • INReport Recon (Reconciliation)
  • INReport PIDM (Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia)
  • INReport Credit Info

INAccount is an enhanced Account Opening Solution for:

  • Financial Services Institutions – Digital Signature Solution
  • Mobile Opening of Accounts
  • MyKad/Biometric Authentication and Signature Database

Our solution offers the capabilities to integrate with various external systems such as CTOS, JPN, SSM, etc. to retrieve information required to begin the account opening process.