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InsiteMy WorldInsite MY Systems Sdn Bhd (InsiteMY) is a leader in innovative software solutions for the Malaysian financial services industry. Our applications are used in major Malaysian and foreign banks, as well as banks in Bangladesh. We strive to research and develop innovative products and services for the banking and financial services industry that assists in reducing cost, streamline operating processes, manage risk, ensure compliance to regulatory requirements, and enhance client servicing, all the while providing for enhanced systems security and data integrity.

customEstablished in the year 2000, InsiteMY has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. We currently service 11 banks in Malaysia and are beginning to set our sights abroad, to nearby regional markets. The 13th of June 2008 launch of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)'s Cheque Truncation and Conversion System (CTCS) heralded a new era in payment systems and InsiteMY shouldered the responsibility of transforming its client banks to cater to the new CTCS requirements leveraging INCHEQS, our CTCS Ready Cheque Clearing Software. As of today, all our client banks have gone live successfully and we continue to enhance their CTCS systems to meet new developments led by BNM.

Today, InsiteMY continues to strengthen its CTCS offerings by further developing and refining its clearing modules to meet the stringent requirements of the banks and BNM. In addition, InsiteMY's other payment solutions and compliance offerings continue to attract financial institutions. Our eXpediency middleware or bank host interface (BHI) continues to be utilised and enhanced in a number of banks while we rapidly move to complete development of our Anti Money Laundering Solution which we think will be able to assist banks to comply with the tracking, monitoring and reporting requirements of not only banks but of all other financial institutions who are required to comply to BNM's AMLA reporting requirements.


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